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Whether your company has a single vehicle, a fleet of more than a hundred vehicles, service rigs or any other vehicles which operate on public roadways, you will be required by law to hold a minimum level of insurance.

Each province has specific legal requirements, so your insurance needs will depend on where your business is located. You can trust your Western Financial Group Broker to be familiar with those laws and to ensure that you have the right coverage at the best possible price.

Some areas to discuss with your broker when considering which coverage is most suitable for you: 

  • Area in which you operate (Canada, USA or beyond)
  • Cargo (owned by your company or someone else? Volatile Substances)
  • Equipment attached to vehicles
  • Fleet Insurance
  • Higher Deductibles
  • Long-haul transportation activities
  • Number and type of vehicles
  • Type of company and purpose of travel
  • Use (Are they rented out?)